Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

I wanted to paint a picture of Earth for Grandpa.  Unlike my last painting, which showed lighting from the front, I wanted this painting to show Earth and the moon from the side with half of the dark face showing.

Momma and I searched the internet for just the right photo to give me a reference photo for my painting.  This is the photo I chose:

Twilight Earth

With this photo as a starting point, I added in the moon with the same dark side, with the sun in the distance on the right and lots of red stars.

Thomas and I painted together.  Here is a video of Thomas and me painting our pictures.  (My picture took longer, so I was just starting the background during the video while Thomas was finishing his up.)

Happy Birthday, Grandpa!


The finished painting:

‘Earth in Profile’

2017-04-25 - Tyler - Age 6 - 'Earth in Profile'.JPG


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