Happy Earth Day!

I want to wish everyone a Happy Earth Day!

2017-04-15 (20) 2017-04-15 (10)
I just got a new pair of glasses.  Don’t I look sharp?    Momma let me paint my Earth painting on her big easel.  I had a lot of fun painting this picture.

2017-04-15 (1)I started out wit2017-04-15 (6)h a drawing from a picture of Earth.

Then I added in stars and galaxies going away from us and coming towards us (like Doppler!)

There is also the sun with a 2017-04-15 (17)big solar flare and two black holes merging on the right and a blue quasar in the upper left corner that is a billion light years high.

2017-04-15 (21)

The finished painting:

2017-04-15 - Tyler - Age 6 - 'Earth'

by Tyler Pritzel, Age 6
Acrylics, 04.15.2017


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