The Joy of Painting and Bob Ross

My momma and daddy let me watch The Joy of Painting episodes with Bob Ross.  This inspired me to paint some landscapes.  The snowy one below I painted while watching an episode, trying to follow along.

I found out that Bob Ross had previously passed away from cancer and I was very, very sad.  Momma said maybe I could paint something in his honor, to remember him in a good way.  I decided I would paint a portrait of Bob Ross.  I think he is a great painter and maybe he is watching me painting from Heaven and I hope my painting makes him smile.

2017-01-28 - Tyler - Age 6 - 'Bob Ross Portrait'



  1. Dear Tyler,
    Your painting of Bob Ross is my favorite, because I too enjoy watching him paint. You honor him well. This painting makes me smile a lot, and if Bob is looking down from heaven at this painting I’m sure he’s smiling too.


  2. Hey, Tyler,
    I really love your painting of Bob Ross. Whenever I feel sad, I will watch him paint, and it always makes me feel better. I’m sure Bob is watching you from heaven with great interest, because you are sure one talented guy!


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